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Follow-up: Game Center Sandbox Invites

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In my previous post I laid out the issues I was having with the Game Center Sandbox sending and accepting game invitations.

In the comments you’ll see a link to an Apple Developer Forum thread with a handful of others who have been experiencing the same issue. I also had Game Center experts review the sample code with the only explanation being a bug with the Sandbox.

As of August 30th all seems to be working again. I’ve confirmed with my own code.

For a company that prides its self on things that “just work”, this is unacceptable. I’ve had to delay my app development 6 weeks for a service that I have no control over. Any other service provider would have been forced to at least publicly acknowledge the issue. Others would have been run out of business by developers moving to other solutions.

Perhaps this puts into perspective how Apple feels about the viability of Game Center.

Written by Nick Harris

September 3, 2013 at 2:26 am

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  1. Hi Nick,

    first, thanks for this complete write-up. I was facing similiar problems with a similiar approach and also found things working fine in September. However, the symptoms seem to be back since a couple of days.

    I just downloaded & compiled your code, compared the relevant parts to mine and found, that everything should be implemented correctly. However, it stopped working again – can you confirm this? Or, could this be a geographical problem (I’m based in Germany)?

    I finally wonder, whether we’re riding a “dead horse” here. On the one hand, Apple has made major changes to the GameCenter code in iOS8 on the other hand, neither documentations nor sample code has been updated and it looks like more and more developers get frustrated with this stuff…

    You’re right, this behaviour is not acceptable for a company like Apple.


    October 7, 2014 at 12:28 pm

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