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I started a new Xcode project this week to kick the tires of the new unit testing framework built into Xcode 5. I’ve long been an advocate of unit testing. Its great to see it being tightly integrated into Xcode and continuous integration. My impression so far has been very positive. Most of the hoops you needed to jump through in the past are now gone reducing the excuses to not unit test.

If you’re on the fence about unit testing, here’s a few thoughts to consider…

Code Design
Unit testing forces you to rethink how you design your code. I compare it to building a brick wall. Instead of focusing on the entire wall, you concentrate on just a single brick. The brick needs to be crafted well and tested to make sure it won’t fail and bring down the wall. Unit testing forces you to break down complex problems into manageable, understandable and testable pieces.

You’re Not Coding Alone
Most likely you’re working on a project with other developers (if you’re working by yourself you should consider your past self as another developer). Unit tests show other developers how you intended your code to be used. If someone needs to modify code you wrote, your tests will tell them if they are keeping with your intent.

Unit tests are also very handy when coding against web services. Your tests will alert you to changes in the request or response allowing you to adjust your code appropriately.

Reproducing Bugs
Unit testing also involves creating a mock environment for the tests to run against. The mock environment can help you reproduce real world bug reports. Its much easier to tweak a few parameters in a mock environment then to try and recreate a real world situation.

It may seem like you’re writing double the code. That’s because you are, but its well worth the effort.

Here are some unit testing resources from Apple:

Setting up Unit Testing and Continuos Integration
Sample Project 
WWDC Session 409 – Testing in Xcode 5 

Unit Test. You’ll thank yourself later.

Written by Nick Harris

January 7, 2014 at 1:11 am

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