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Passwords and Keychain

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I answered my first Stack Overflow question today. I’ve learned so much there over the years and decided its time I start giving back.

My answer is actually a follow-up to Tom Harrington’s after I saw his tweet…

The question was how to store a single entity, in this case a password, using Core Data. Tom’s answer was to not use Core Data at all because its bad design. I completely agree with this. My followup answer was to use Keychain, which is the correct approach.

Passwords are very special data which demand special attention. Storing a password as clear-text in any type of database or storage scheme is a security flaw. If the platform you’re developing for has a well tested and secure way to store a password, use it. For iOS that means using Keychain.

Keychain can be difficult and intimidating to new iOS developers. I believe that’s why some decide to forgo it and instead use things like Core Data or NSUserDefaults. That’s where Buzz Andersen’s STKeychain comes in. Its open source, free to use without restrictions and most importantly tested and used by many iOS apps. Its solid code that makes interfacing with Keychain really simple.

I’ve also used Keychain to do two factor authentication with digital certificates. The code from my 360|iDev session is probably a bit outdated but the concepts are the same.

One other consideration about using Keychain is if you ever need to get your app certified for enterprise security. In my experience building enterprise iOS apps, password security is always asked about. Knowing how Keychain works and passing along Apple documentation answers those questions throughly.

Written by Nick Harris

January 13, 2014 at 3:29 am

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