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Differentiating on Privacy

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When Apple announced their new privacy policy site and the fact that data on iOS 8 devices will no longer be accessible to police even with a warrant, the first thing I did was share the link with some of my former Glassboard teammates (on our shared Glassboard of course). I was pretty excited, and a little bit astounded by the move. It’s a bold statement that I believe only a company with Apple’s clout can successfully make.

Glassboard was created with privacy as its core principle. Our respect for our users meant that every piece of Glassboard – from cloud storage and API design all the way down to other users being able to see the email address you signed up with (they cannot) – was designed and implemented with privacy foremost in the decisions.

When we put our first privacy policy together we even had a discussion about the part allowing law enforcement access with a lawful warrant. I can’t speak to the why the final decision was made to include it, but I don’t believe we could have left it out or say out right that we would not honor a warrant without running into costly legal issues.

Apple’s decision to make it impossible to decrypt data on the device without the users password is the real reason they can say no to warrants. This was another idea we had tossed around. It would have been a paid feature where the board would be encrypted from end to end with only the chairperson having the keys. I had a plan for this and pushed it but didn’t win over the team on getting it built.

But what really made me happy about the announcement was that Apple validated our belief that privacy is a major differentiator in today’s world. We knew Glassboard was ahead of the curve, and I’m very hopeful that more companies and software developers will use privacy to set themselves apart from their competitors. My privacy is important to me, and I’ll gladly support those who make it important to them.

Written by Nick Harris

September 19, 2014 at 3:14 am

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