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App Camp for Girls

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Hopefully you’ve heard of App Camp for Girls by now. If not…

App Camp For Girls is a place where girls can put their creative powers to work, designing and building apps, while learning more about the business of software and being inspired by women mentors in the field.

Its a fantastic organization. Last year I had the privilege of sponsoring team imusicats at the Seattle camp. I’m incredibly proud of having that opportunity. When Jean MacDonald emailed me last week asking if I wanted to sponsor a team this year I didn’t hesitate at all. I’m excited to say that I will again be a project team sponsor for the Seattle camp!

The amazing part has been watching our community get involved through volunteering, donating and sponsoring. The App Camp Quiz Compendium, an app with 15 short quizzes developed by last years campers, reached #1 for Paid Apps in Entertainment. Not many developers can say they’ve reached that level of success, but now each of those campers can and that’s just plain awesome.

Of course with success comes even loftier goals and that’s what App Camp for Girls 3.0 is all about. In order to add more camps and enroll more campers, App Camp for Girls has started an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. There are different levels and perks. I went for the Grace Hopper Portrait Art since I’m a both a computer scientist and a military brat.

Please take some time and read about their goals and hopefully make your own donation. At the very least buy the App Camp Quiz Compendium, it’s only $0.99. And if you’re going to be at WWDC, make sure to get a ticket to the fundraising happy hour hosted by WWDCGirls. Last year was a blast and I can only imagine this year will be even bigger and better!

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May 28, 2015 at 1:28 am

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NodeJS + PassKit Push Notifications

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I did a quick talk and demo at iOS Dev Camp Colorado this past weekend in Colorado Springs about PassKit and how to update a pass using Apple Push Notification Service (APNs).

Tom Harrington (amazing organizer of the event) and a few others asked me after how hard it was to send push notifications to APNs using NodeJS. It was one of the most intimidating parts I had to figure out for my demo but it turned out to be incredibly simple.

I used node-apn.

npm install node-apn

Here’s gist of my push_service.js.

That’s the first NodeJS code I’ve shared here. Be gentle. I didn’t really ask or search how others prefer to do NodeJS, I just wrote it in a style I like.

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May 15, 2015 at 4:08 am

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