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360iDev 2015 Retrospective

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Another 360iDev is in the books. I had the honor of being a speaker this year for the third time since I started attending back in 2009. This year, just like every other year, was an absolute blast. The best part about 360iDev is not the sessions, though they are amazing, but instead its the attendees and speakers. Everyone is there to learn from each other and help each other in not only our professional careers but also in our Apple developer community and even this year (thanks to Mike Lee) the world.

360iDev Speaker Dinner
(photo by Fuad Kamal, @flexRonin)

My Session – Git it Together

For the last year and a half I’ve been immersed in GitFlow. I find it to be a very effective way to manage a large project with many developers. But a 45 minute talk about source control would be dull so I decided to submit a talk where I would do a short history and overview of source control systems out there and to assemble a panel of other speakers to get their perspectives. I was happy when it was chosen!

My favorite part about putting it together was finding the panelist. Out of the five, one was a good friend, one was a person I met last year at 360iDev and three I met via the Slack team 360iDev had set up for speakers who I then met in person as we were getting ready to start the session. How cool is that! Perfect strangers willing to pitch in and share their experiences.

I haven’t seen any comments yet but my feeling after was that it went very well. I learned a lot from the panel, which I’ll admit was my selfish reason for submitting the idea. My entire slide deck is here, though I only used a small fraction of those slides.

I’d also like to thank my panelist again:

Kyle Richter (@kylerichter)
Janene Pappas (@AphroditeSW)
Ben Lachman (@blach)
Daniel Pfeiffer (@mediabounds)
Brett Jones (Possible Mobile)

Other Highlights

My favorite session from this year is probably Mike Lee’s (@bmf) talk about the possibilities for the downfall of human society and what we can do to change it. I’ve always enjoyed Mikes talks as well as just hanging out and talking. The conversations are often very thought provoking. This talk was no different.

Next was Jay Freeman’s (@saurik) Bug or Feature talk. If you’ve never met Jay or have never listened to one of his talks, do yourself a favor and go find one. Jay is a genius. He’s probably one of the smartest people I have ever met. His talks are 100 miles per hour and always mind blowing as well as hilarious. I’m so glad he speaks every year at 360iDev!

Joe Cieplinski (@jcieplinski) and Marin Todorov (@icanzilb) talks on ways to make money while still being indie were both fantastic and paired well with Ben Lachman’s (@blach) panel on failure. Greg Heo (@gregheo) and Jay Thrash’s (@jaythrash) talks were probably my favorite code oriented sessions, but Jay Graves (@skabber) talk about using Go for cross-compiled business logic is right up there.

Being front row for my very good friend Jenny Blumberg’s (@jennyblumberg) first ever conference session was pretty awesome too.

When the video’s come out I encourage you to watch them all. So much knowledge shared!

Wrapping Up

A big thank you to John and Nicole Wilker (@jwilker, @nwilker) for another great 360iDev! As usual I made new friends that I hope to see back each year and if not I hope to keep in touch with in one form or another. For now though, I’m going to get some sleep…

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August 20, 2015 at 3:10 am

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