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Back when the first iPhoneOS SDK was announced I decided I wanted to learn how to build apps. I had been playing a shareware Euchre game on my Windows PC since college and thought it would be a fun exercise to learn Objective C while writing my own Euchre game for iPhone.

For those who don’t know, Euchre is the card game of choice for all bored lifeguards, wait staff, high school and college students in the Great Lakes region. Its the regional pass time. Its also very popular in Canada and Australia.

Pocket Euchre 1.0 went live in the app store in January of 2009. It was never a big money maker but for the first few years it averaged almost $1000/month. Since then its name has changed to Super Euchre, it’s become completely Apple Ad supported and its earnings have dwindled down to just over $100/month. Its no longer the best app I’ve ever shipped, but it still serves as a way for me to learn and use changes in iOS along with showing off just how bad of a UX/Designer I am – all while making a little beer money for the effort.

Being that Euchre has been my little side project and learning tool, I’ve decided to take another stab at a re-write of it, this time completely in Swift 2.0. My plan is to eventually ship another version of Super Euchre that has Game Center game play as well as a Mac version. Will I ever get there? I really hope so, but knowing what the real return on investment would be at this point I don’t know if my grand scheme will ever come true. But I can still use it as a way to learn Swift by applying it to problems I solved previously in ObjC so I can hopefully see the strengths of Swift instead of just re-writing the same logic with a new syntax.

Learning Swift

I’ve been enjoying Brent’s Swift Diary posts, though to be honest they were mostly over my head as I had not really gotten my hands dirty with Swift. I’m a week out from taking a break from contracting work for September and besides getting some long overdue house work done, I plan to spend a lot of time learning Swift 2.0. I started this weekend. So I think I’ll give the Learning Swift blog series a shot as well.

There’s a couple reasons to do this. First I want to think through the decisions I’ve been making. For me the best way to reflect on decisions is to write out what reasoning I had at the time. Secondly it gives anyone who reads this a chance to tell me their ideas on what they would have done instead.

I’ve added a category to my blog called Learning Swift. We’ll see how it works out.

Written by Nick Harris

August 24, 2015 at 1:35 am

Posted in Learning Swift

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