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It may sound crazy today, but 10 years ago there was a very healthy competitive market for RSS readers. I was working at NewsGator. My friend and founder of NewsGator, Greg Reinacker, was very much in the middle of all things RSS at the time. My second week on the job I was invited to lunch with the author of FeedDemon. A few months later a co-worker was gushing because the author of NetNewsWire was sitting in our conference room. Another year or so later another co-worker was excited that the founder of FeedLounge was in Greg’s office.

The founder of FeedLounge was Alex King. Being friends with Greg, NickB and Brent (the aforementioned devs of FeedDemon and NetNewsWire respectively) I had the great honor of meeting Alex and getting to know him over drinks and dinners through the years. Alex is one of those people that I can honestly say I have never heard a single negative thing about. He made Crowd Favorite a successful company here in Denver that I would recommend to my friends looking for new jobs.

The last time I spent with Alex was a few years ago at the house warming party for Double Encore’s new office space. There was some awkward moment where someone was joining the conversation at just the wrong time and Alex brought up an old movie quote that I wish so much I could remember now, but the joke really didn’t matter. What resonates with me is his ability to make everyone in the conversation comfortable even at the expense of his own stupid joke.

I never worked directly with Alex, nor have I ever worked on anything in the WordPress community. Instead my remembrance of him is how much he contributed to the Denver tech community.

Rest well Alex.

Written by Nick Harris

September 29, 2015 at 5:42 am

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