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Brent Simmons – Not Back on Twitter:

When the new Star Wars movie came out, I decided to take a break from Twitter so I could avoid spoilers. I mostly kept away (but for a few small hits).

I finally saw the movie (which I enjoyed) this past weekend, and so I came back to Twitter.

Now, a few hours later, I’m off Twitter again. I didn’t like being back.

Twitter became a daily part of my routine as soon as I joined. I was still working on NewsGator Inbox (which was an RSS Outlook add-in) and had a few conversations with another developer who built a Twitter Outlook add-in. I had every blog post and Twitter post all in Outlook. It was pretty seamless and I enjoyed it.

While we were building and using Glassboard extensively a few years ago, I rarely opened Twitter. If we were doing a PR push or a conference was coming up I’d be on, but for the most part I ignored it. I started checking in daily again when I wrote a book to help publicize it and answer any questions that would come up.

Over the last year though, I’ve seen my usage increase while the benefits have decreased.

I found myself evaluating my professional worth based on who and how many people followed me. All the while knowing that some of the best developers I’ve ever worked with either don’t have accounts or rarely use them.

I also found it a way to easily stick my foot in my mouth and say something that I regretted. Basically forgetting this classic xkcd comic about the internet.

I knew Brent’s tweet in December was more then it seemed (work with a guy for 8 years and you start to read things). The post today summed up many of the same thoughts I’ve had and why I also took a break from Twitter in December. After a quick week back on Twitter after the New Year, I took it a step further and deactivated my account two weeks ago.

Brent talks about being calmer and happier. I was too. He also talks about the trade-off of not having a Twitter account. Its very close to the conclusion I had last week when I re-activated mine. I’m guessing its not a coincidence that Manton Reece wrote about the same trade-off today as well. (when Brent wrote about Manton being a litter-mate the comment was to me and some mutual friends while I was in Seattle)

I’m not sure yet just how far back I’ll be cutting down on Twitter but I do plan to publish links to blog posts or interesting things I find while coding. That part of Twitter has been very valuable to me.

But largely ignoring the Twitter Noise Machine – particularly when my timeline becomes the Twitter Hate Machine – is going to be good for me.

I plan on using that time well this year and for years to come.

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January 20, 2016 at 5:58 am

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NFL vs the NHL – What the NFL Should Learn

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This article sums up some of the conversations I’ve had this past NFL Wild Card Weekend with friends.

One was about the NHL and fighting.

I was watching the 2004 Avalanche / Canucks game live when Todd Bertuzzi sucker punched Steve Moore and basically ended his professional career. Part of the reason I was watching the game is that it was hyped as a revenge game for a hit Moore had against a star on the Canucks a few weeks earlier. It ended in criminal charges against Bertuzzi after one of the ugliest sports play I’ve ever seen.

Am I saying local authorities should start investigating dirty plays in the NFL?


But I do think the NFL should come down heavy on both teams. And by that I mean Pittsburgh losing coaches for the remainder of the playoffs (Shazier should probably be suspended for the next game too) and Burfict (Bengals player at least for now) for a quarter of the 2016 season.

I completely despise fighting in NHL games anymore. It has no place. The game is great enough with the shear athleticism of those who play it.

I was 8th row for the Avs game Friday. It was more or less a playoff game in that a win put the Avs in a tie for the last playoff spot with a tie breaker over Nashville. Sure, there are 40 more games and months of regular season games ahead, but for a team seemingly out of playoff talk just weeks ago it was huge.

At one point Nashville put in an “enforcer” who tried to pick at fight with one of the Avs first linemen. The Avs player literally laughed in his face and the game continued.

That’s why there’s no fighting in the playoffs or big games. Its only for in-season fans and ticket sales but I wish it was gone completely. Its been on the downturn for years now.

What the NFL allowed Saturday night both in the lead up to, and the execution of that game is a great example of why they should follow the NHL. Send a strong message to everyone that games like that will not be tolerated. And also quit publicizing games in the way that game was sold to fans.

Another friend shared this article. It reminded me that the first person to try and shake Tom Brady’s hand in last years Super Bowl was Richard Sherman.

You can find Sherman’s mouth and competitiveness annoying but he’s the kind of athlete I want to support.

*** I’m a Packers stock owner – GO PACK GO!!!

**** I’m also an Avs fan – Whoop Whoop!!

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January 11, 2016 at 5:13 am

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