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Retain Cycle with NSOperation Dependencies – FIXED

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I knew it was going to be something simple. 

Even though this doesn’t work:

let transferOperation = NSBlockOperation() {
    [weak operationOne, operationTwo] in
    if let createdObject = operationOne?.createdObject {
        operationTwo.passedInObject = createdObject


this does:

let transferOperation = NSBlockOperation() {

    [weak operationTwo, weak operationOne] in



    if let createdStrings = operationOne?.createdStrings {

        operationTwo?.passedInStrings = createdStrings




Why? I’m not sure yet. But glad I asked and got some more eyes on the problem.

Thanks Josh!


I should have read the docs closer. The first doesn’t work because operationTwo is still a strong reference. I mistakenly thought that it would still take on the weak declared with operationOne but after re-reading the documentation:

Defining a Capture List

Each item in a capture list is a pairing of the weak or unowned keyword with a reference to a class instance (such as self) or a variable initialized with some value (such as delegate = self.delegate!). These pairings are written within a pair of square braces, separated by commas.

I wish the compiler would have warned me. At least I know better now.


Written by Nick Harris

February 3, 2016 at 10:55 pm

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