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Swift vs. JavaScript

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Every year around this time I start watching the sunrise and sunset times. Two years ago I even spent a few days looking into the math that powers the NOAA sunrise/sunset calculator. It was before Swift but I spent a little time porting the JavaScript to Objective-C. I had it somewhat working but never finished it off. It was more an exercise for myself to port JavaScript to Objective-C.

I hated JavaScript at the time. I still prefer other languages to JavaScript. I like strongly typed languages with powerful compilers. Its just my preference though. I like the color green more then red too.

In 2003 I wrote a backend service in JavaScript that used classic ASP pages and XMLHTTPRequests to communicate with a Java Applet client as well as Delphi written Windows Services to control teleconferences. It ended up being my intro to C# and eventually Azure. Since then I’ve written some throw-away Node.JS web services including a Passport project and talk I gave about a year ago.

Those experiences really opened my eyes to the power of JavaScript. Tonight I spent a few hours porting the same NOAA JavaScript code to Swift.

A recurring theme I’ve heard in the developer community at large is that knowing JavaScript means you can now write iOS apps in Swift.


I know all of my long time iOS developer colleagues know that this train of thought is ridiculous. 

The syntax between Swift and JavaScript is similar. Higher lever functions like map and filter are in both. Beyond that I fail to see the comparison.

I’m not going to dive into the differences. This post is more of a wake up call to anyone looking to hire an iOS dev and thinking that JavaScript experience = Swift.

It doesn’t.
At all.

If you are hiring – show them my NSOperation / NSOperationBlock retain cycle post and ask them to solve it. 

Written by Nick Harris

February 16, 2016 at 8:06 am

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