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Core Animation is by far my favorite framework to mess around with. Its been my favorite since I started writing Euchre way back for iPhoneOS 2.1. Its simple to use and can be incredibly powerful in calling attention to UI elements when they change. Its also very easy to over do it with animations. I liken it to salt and pepper in cooking. You can enhance your app with just a pinch but too much and it ruins everything else you’re trying to do.

I’ve been playing around with how to show trick winners and hand winners in Euchre for the umpteenth time over the last two evenings. Its one of the parts of continuously re-creating a Euchre game for iOS that I really love. This effort is especially meaningful after getting a grip on how to represent the game in AutoLayout.

I overdid my animations in Super Euchre (the version available in the App Store) particularly around when a team wins a trick or a hand. The state of the game was over represented on the view and the animations to those changes were jarring. With my new take on Euchre I cut those down substantially while still doing subtle things to draw attention:


I like it but I’d be interested in hearing thoughts*.

I had a blast with animations on Solitaire. Dragging piles was a little challenging but fun.


*I don’t present myself as a designer. I’m just a developer who wants to tinker with the design of my own apps that make little money.

Written by Nick Harris

May 11, 2016 at 5:31 am

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