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Back in June when I released Super Euchre! and Solitary Solitaire I started an experiment. I wanted to see if the banner ads I had always used in Euchre were worth it or if moving to interstitial ads was a better way to go.

Banner ads are always present. I personally hate them. While I’m using an app they’re always there taking up space the app could be using and ruining the overall design of the interface.

Interstitial ads are ads that overtake the app (sometimes with a timer before you can dismiss them). They’re way more intrusive then banner ads, but they’re also easier to mold to your user experience. An ad that over takes your app in the middle of reading an article is incredibly annoying. Presenting one when you’re in a “paused” frame of mind is more seamless.

With that in mind, Solitaire only shows an interstitial ad after you’re already playing a game but have given up and are trying to start a new one. You’re in a position of change within the app already so pausing your transition for a few seconds to present an ad is the least intrusive opportunity.

Euchre has an always present banner ad.

The Results

I think its hard to deny that interstitial ads are the way to go in my case at this point.

1. They’re less annoying
2. They pay MUCH better
3. They are less annoying and pay MUCH better

Between my two apps, Solitaire has about 10% the install base of Euchre but produces 20% of the overall ad revenue.

Here are the numbers:

Screen Shot 2016 11 30 at 9 20 25 PMScreen Shot 2016 11 30 at 9 48 45 PM

The Plan

I plan on moving Euchre away from the banner ad to an interstitial only on loss this weekend. The impressions will fall off dramatically but the RPM should rocket. Users will have a better experience and I’ll make more per install.

There’s more to digest here but its mid-week and my head is in the middle of a refactor for my day job, but I hope to revisit this.

Those are real numbers though. If you’re better at business math then I am, send me a note about what you think. 

Written by Nick Harris

December 1, 2016 at 5:09 am

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